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In the following, you will find a compilation of excerpts – which are anonymous and only contain proceedings that have already been made public by the press – from prominent criminal proceedings, in which attorney Prof. Dr. Dr. Fehn was acting as attorney or defense lawyer:

Mr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Fehn’s activity as a defense lawyer and legal advisor is accompanied by numerous lectures e.g. in the police command academy or more specifically the German police college, the military university for applied science for public administration, in university clinics and more specifically university dental clinics (Frankfurt am Main, Aachen, Witten-Herdecke), at the German dental conference, for medical associations, in medical quality circles, at the Malteser School, Federal Congress rescue service and control center etc.

In addition to this are multiple publications from Mr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Fehn in the form of books, book chapters, essays in specialist journals (e.g. wistra, MedR, GesR), which have been the subject of much attention from legal literature and even in the court rulings of the German Federal Supreme Court (BGHZ 153, 269, 274; OLG Nürnberg, OLGR 2001, 225).

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