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Criminal law consulting

Advice on criminal law

As entrepreneurs, companies or individuals, we come into contact with criminal law more often than most people are aware of, sometimes on a daily basis. The boundaries of what is permitted blur with increasing national and international legal regulations and the complexity of organizational units and entrepreneurial work. We often find ourselves in a grey area between what is permitted and what is not. Unfortunately, the principle that "Ignorance does not protect against punishment" still applies, meaning that criminal actions can intervene quickly and very delicately in both the professional and the private sector, often with consequences that threaten individual existence. Not only conventional offences such as those that fall under capital criminal law are conceivable in this case, but also, for example, sanctions in the case of risky economic decisions by a managing director or board member or in the case of non-compliance with remote special criminal law norms from so-called secondary criminal law. Not only intentional behavior is punishable, but even a short moment of careless behavior can lead to accusations of negligence.

Additionally, public prosecutors are becoming increasingly specialized (e.g. in commercial or medical criminal law), which leads to correspondingly intensified and often exaggerated criminal prosecution measures, which, irrespective of the criminal result, entail the risk of image damage. Furthermore, "waves" of criminal prosecution can often be observed which relate to certain criminal allegations (e.g. corruption offences, tax evasion offences, accounting fraud committed by doctors, etc.). This considerably increases the risk of being the focus of criminal investigations and requires preventive measures to be taken as early as possible (e.g. within the framework of criminal compliance) or - if preliminary proceedings have already been initiated - the prompt effective defense of the person concerned.

For this reason, the firm's philosophy is based on the fact that understanding the client's situation and motivation are basic prerequisites for successful advice and defense. Commitment, the development of solution- and target-oriented and creative approaches as well as fast reaction times, together with the ability to work in a team with lawyers from other fields or with the defenders of co-defendants, are among the foundations of modern defense. Today, however, this must begin long before a main hearing, if possible in anticipation of any criminal investigation in the form of a criminal compliance consultation that identifies any criminal weaknesses and effectively eliminates them through appropriate organizational measures.

Within the framework of already initiated criminal proceedings, we are convinced that an effective defense must already begin in the first stage of criminal proceedings, namely the preliminary investigation. The aim here is to prevent, as much as possible, the filing of an indictment or, in any case, the conduct of a main hearing by means of expertise in criminal law, criminal procedural skill, if necessary by making early contact with the prosecuting authorities and selecting and involving suitable experts in good time. If, however, a main hearing is held, the client's interests must be safeguarded by means of the complete range of criminal procedural defense measures, tactical considerations and an assertive, creative and solution-oriented appearance, tailored to the client's specific situation and objectives.

Defense of this kind is only possible within the context of a relationship of trust. Only you can place this trust in us - and we will do everything we can to earn it.

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