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University Professor

“Both, the work as an attorney-at-law and as an university professor are leading to an excellent symbiosis of legal practice and jurisprudence. This is a benefit for clients, students and also for myself.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn is not only working as a full-time lawyer but also as an university professor.

First of all Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn is a full professor for criminal law and public law at Cologne Technical University. He holds his chair at the Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection which belongs to the Faculty of Process Engineering, Energy and Mechanical Systems. As a professor of law Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn is – without a doubt – the “strange foreigner” at an engineering faculty. His scientific work there focusses on white collar crime, medical law and medical criminal law, environmental and technic law, building law and industrial safety law, fire and civil protection law and police and regulatory law.

The portfolio of his lectures contains accordingly i.e. medical law, operation law, legal principles including European law, environmental law and technic law. The courses are held as blended e-learning courses, which means that the courses are consisting of classroom events and of online video lectures. The students have also the possibility to assess the learning success on their own by using an assessment tool on the e-learning-platform. 

In addition Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn supervises project works, bachelor- and master-theses. With regard to his research obligation Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn attends research projects (i.e. sponsored by the EU or the German government) by providing legal expert opinions and legal advice on a regular basis and publishes scientific essay in legal journals and specialist books on law.

Within the scope of academic self government Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn serves as deputy chair of the examination board of his faculty.

Beside his work as a professor of law at Cologne Technical University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn has a lectureship at the Faculty of Health at the University of Witten/Herdecke. He gives lectures at the Chair of Dental Surgery and Polyclinic Ambulance (tenured professorship of Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. dent. Jochen Jackowski) on medical legal and medical criminal legal aspects of dental medicine, especially on oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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