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“He that will know justice must have reasonably doubted it beforehand.” (Aristotle)

The specialisation of FEHN I Legal covers the complete bandwidth of criminal law, whereas in particular commercial criminal law, tax and medical criminal law, international criminal law and furthermore select fields of medical law, tax law, and administrative law (→ Legal fields LINK). We have proven additional qualifications, corresponding specialisations and many years of professional experience in various areas.

A functioning network, a horizon beyond country borders, and commitment to protect the interests and objectives of our clients form the basis for high-quality, solution-oriented and creative advising. In the field of (corporate) criminal law, our consulting is aimed at businesses, CEOs, managing directors, other executives, and at private persons seeking advice.

In the field of medical law and medical criminal law, our law firm focuses on advising medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, hospital operators, medical and dental care centres, factoring firms in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, as well as contract research organisations. The legal advising for medical doctor and dentist practices, as well as medical and dental care centres, respectively, as well as assistance in the sale or acquisition of practices represent further areas of concentration in medical law.

Tax (criminal) law, especially relating to the medical professions is an additional focus of FEHN I Legal. Moreover, customs regulations and excise taxes are closely linked with commercial criminal law. Professional experience as finance court judge, knowledge of tax consulting and certifications in tax and commercial criminal law are the bases here for a successful representation of the interests at stake.

Many decades of professional experience of our advisers in the (fiscal) administration, coupled with great expertise distinguish FEHN I Legal in the field of administrative law. We are therefore able to offer highly qualified advising and representation, in particular in criminal tort law derived from administrative legislation (e.g. environmental criminal law or offences committed by public officials), healthcare administrative legislation (e.g. law of the medical professions, infection protection law), in the field of other laws to avert dangers (in particular, police regulations and regulative law including administrative enforcement law), and in public services law (including allowances, disadvantage compensation).

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