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In emergency medicine, megacode training stands for training and practicing a structured approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in accordance with the so-called mega-code algorithm. The mega-code algorithm is the standard for rescue personnel.
However, emergencies and critical situations can occur not only in medicine, but also in law.
We are convinced that even in difficult legal situations, it is possible to train a structured and legally correct or tactically sensible approach. With this in mind, we will soon be offering to all medical service providers (hospitals, medical and dental care centers, doctors, dentists, veterianrians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers) a special legal service in the form of the legal megacode:

The legal megacode works through DIFFERENT LEGAL ISSUES AND SITUATIONS IN THE FORM OF ALGORITHMS and makes use of a classic instrument of medical practice. In this way, we create a symbiosis of law and medicine that makes it easier for those responsible and affected in a medical context to make important decisions quickly and guide them to act in a legally and strategically correct manner. The legal megacode is one of our contributions to healthcare compliance, one of our main areas of consultancy and expertise. With healthcare compliance in general and the legal megacode in particular, we take up a principle that applies in medicine and law: prevention is better than cure!

The legal megacode is dedicated to the following situations, for example:

• Confiscation of the patient file
• Search
• Dealing with treatment errors
• Operation planning
• Informing the patient
• Consent
• Documentation
• Assessment of findings
• and much more.

The individual algorithms are based on our joint expertise, which we have gained as experienced medical and criminal lawyers working in science and practice. When it comes to issues such as “seizure” and “search”, our clients also benefit from the from the experience of our two founding partners as former investigators.


Some or all algorithms of the legal megacode will soon be available for our clients to order here free of charge. We combine this service with the offer to provide free training on the topics underlying the legal megacode at your company and, if necessary, to identify and implement suitable compliance measures as part of a mandate.