Fields of law

Criminal law ◆ Medical law ◆ Compliance | Legal Consulting ◆ Criminal Defense

The law firm's fields of expertise are criminal and medical law

The range of advisory services offered within the area of criminal law:

  • Commercial and tax criminal law, e.g.
    • Allegations of corruption, breach of trust and fraud
    • Insolvency offences
    • Foreign trade and arms control law
    • Undeclared Labor Control Act
  • Medical criminal law
    • Physician criminal law
    • Pharmaceutical criminal law
    • Medical device law
    • Billing for medical services
  • Food criminal law
  • Product liability criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Nature conservation and hunting law
  • Labor criminal law
  • Construction criminal law
  • Criminal law management consulting and defense
  • Criminal law compliance consulting for companies
  • International criminal law/international criminal proceedings, including extradition proceedings
  • Arms criminal law
  • Capital punishment law
  • Preparation of legal expertise

Consulting for criminal law

The consulting services within medical law particularly covers:

  • Medical criminal law (see above), in particular allegations alleging the suspicion of
    • Billing fraud
    • Corruption in the health sector
    • Negligent injury and negligent homicide due to treatment errors
    • Etc.
  • Professional and licensing law
  • Participation of investors in medical and dental care centers (MVZ/ZMVZ) and hospitals; legal advice on expansion of medical practice
  • Data protection law and confidentiality obligation in (dental) medical practices and hospitals
  • Medical products and pharmaceutical law
  • Emergency service law
  • Compliance consulting for (dental) medical practices, hospitals, medical products and pharmaceutical manufacturers, aid organizations and rescue service companies
  • Preparation of legal expertise

Consulting for medical law

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