Fields of law - criminal law, medical law, tax law and administrative law or public law

The law firm's fields of expertise are criminal law, medical law, tax law and administrative law or public law

The range of advisory services offered within the area of criminal law:

  • Commercial and tax criminal law, e.g.
    • Allegations of corruption, breach of trust and fraud
    • Insolvency offences
    • Foreign trade and arms control law
    • Undeclared Labor Control Act
  • Medical criminal law
    • Physician criminal law
    • Pharmaceutical criminal law
    • Medical device law
    • Billing for medical services
  • Food criminal law
  • Product liability criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Nature conservation and hunting law
  • Labor criminal law
  • Construction criminal law
  • Criminal law management consulting and defense
  • Criminal law compliance consulting for companies
  • International criminal law/international criminal proceedings, including extradition proceedings
  • Arms criminal law
  • Capital punishment law
  • Preparation of legal expertise

Consulting for criminal law

The consulting services within medical law particularly covers:

  • Medical criminal law (see above), in particular allegations alleging the suspicion of
    • Billing fraud
    • Corruption in the health sector
    • Negligent injury and negligent homicide due to treatment errors
    • Etc.
  • Professional and licensing law
  • Participation of investors in medical and dental care centers (MVZ/ZMVZ) and hospitals; legal advice on expansion of medical practice
  • Data protection law and confidentiality obligation in (dental) medical practices and hospitals
  • Medical products and pharmaceutical law
  • Emergency service law
  • Compliance consulting for (dental) medical practices, hospitals, medical products and pharmaceutical manufacturers, aid organizations and rescue service companies
  • Preparation of legal expertise

Consulting for medical law

The consulting offer within tax law covers, in particular:

    tax criminal law (e.g. tax evasion), also with international context (e.g. contraband trade);
  • taxation of non-profit (sports) associations;
  • legal opinions in detail and in written form;
  • cooperation with an also highly qualified tax consultancy in-house, e.g. in the fields of income tax law, in particular of the medical professions (deductible expenses, extraordinary expenses etc.), and trade tax liability of freelance medical professionals;
  • law of the cross-border movement of goods (customs duty, import sales tax).

Consulting for tax law

The consulting offer within administrative law or public law on the whole relates in particular to the following:

  • leading constitutional complaints;
  • defence in preliminary proceedings for suspected tortious acts under regulations derived from administrative law, e.g. in the area of environmental criminal law and offences committed by public officials (e.g. acceptance of benefits, corruption, excessive fee charges, resistance against executory officers);
  • administrative law of the healthcare sector (infection protection law, medical professions law, approval of pharmaceuticals, CE-certification of medical devices, etc.);
  • employment law of emergency rescue services, in particular requirement planning for emergency rescue services;
  • hospital regulations (licensing of hospitals, German Red Cross billing, etc.);
  • police regulations and regulating law (e.g. data gathering with technical means, seizures, takings into custody);
  • executory law (e.g. direct enforcement or execution by substitution);
  • law of public services (appointment, retirement, allowances, etc.)

Consulting for administrative law

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