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Legal fields

We are a law firm specializing primarily in white collar, tax and medical criminal law. However, since criminal law generally only forms the "bracket" around the substantive underlying areas of law, sound expertise in these other areas of law is indispensable. In addition, there are in turn cross-connections between the respective areas of law.

Against this background, a successful defense in medical criminal law cannot be achieved without in-depth knowledge of the entire field of medical law. For this reason, we advise on the substantive medical law itself (e.g., formation and settlement of professional practice associations, fee law, performance audits), also to the extent that it is specifically characterized by civil law (medical liability, sale of practices) or public law (licensing and professional law, pharmacy and hospital law).

The same applies to criminal law accessory to the administration (e.g., environmental crimes, narcotics criminal law) and the law of administrative offenses, which is related to criminal law. In this respect, too, we are glad to offer you advice and representation.

It is obvious that a defense under criminal tax law is only possible if the substantive tax law is mastered. Against this background, in selected cases we also provide advice and representation in tax law matters, including the conduct of proceedings before the fiscal courts, whose case law, in turn, is often of fundamental importance for the adjudication of criminal tax matters by the Federal Court of Justice.

Our advice in sports law, in turn, results from the fact that, in view of the significant economic factor that (professional) sports now represent, sports criminal law is a niche area of the white collar criminal law we handle. In addition, there are special criminal law issues, but also medical law and narcotics law issues relating to doping, and tax law issues, to which economically strong associations as well as non-profit sports clubs are increasingly exposed.

Finally, compliance issues permeate all of the above-mentioned areas of law and ultimately and increasingly affect small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies, associations, and clubs. The buzzwords to be mentioned here are the corporate criminal law to be expected in the future - in whatever form - the Whistleblower Protection Act, the Supply Chain Protection Act, the criminal and civil law organizational responsibility, etc.

With regard to these expertises, our range of services includes out-of-court and preventive (organizational) advice, the preparation of legal opinions and, of course, representation vis-à-vis third parties, authorities and courts, and criminal defense.

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