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19. April 2023

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn and Dr. Dr. Bernd Josef Fehn have obtained the continuing education certificate “Q” of the #BRAK. Regular continuing education is an indispensable means of ensuring the quality of legal services and is therefore also named by the #Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung as one of the basic duties of lawyers. With the “#Q Siegel”, the BRAK certifies that this obligation for #continuing education has been fulfilled in a special way, i.e. beyond the general obligation for continuing education and independent of the obligation for continuing education according to the #Fachanwaltsordnung (#FAO).

The prerequisite for the award of the “Q seal” is proof of certain continuing education activities. Within three years, at least 360 continuing education points must be earned in the module’s substantive #law, #professional law (including #costs law and #professional liability), #procedural law, #litigation law, and business, personnel, or #negotiation management. In this process, 10 points are equivalent to 1 hour of time. Attendance at seminars and specialist events is credited towards certification, as is #distance learning, examiner work or the publication of #specialist articles. In addition, points can be earned by attending #quality circles and discussion groups as well as #self-study.

At FEHN Legal, we place special emphasis on the continuing education of all our colleagues as well as on the training of young colleagues. Thus, we have established a regular internal quality and continuing education circle, regularly participate in external continuing education events, likewise regularly appear as speakers at professionally relevant events and publish numerous professional articles, in particular in the areas of #commercial criminal law, #fiscal criminal law, #medical criminal law, #medical law and #tax law.

Further information on the Q seal can be found at: BRAK and LTO